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This site tells about better ski instruction, ski learning, ski teaching and ski coaching for you, as a recreational skier. All the training is delivered through the B.I.S.C.C., membership is open to all, over the age of 18.

International ski coaches Bob Valentine Trueman, and John Shedden enable ordinary recreational skiers to really improve their skiing very quickly, through the use of Olympic level coaching techniques.

Our techniques are gentle, and simple -

  • We have proved yourski learning is faster when you ski slower. After you've learned you'll overtake them all anyway.
  • We have proved your ski learning curve is steepest when the slope isn't.
  • We have proved that gently is best. An aggressive "gung-ho" approach simply doesn't work for most folk and being in a hurry slows you down.
  • We have proved that you change your mind and break through your barriers. By changing your thinking and your understandings we'll together change your skiing.
  • We have proved that these methods work equally well for men as for women - "Gung Ho" doesn't do it!
  • ASL™ is particularly successful for apprehensive skiers

Our ski coaching is different from ordinary ski instruction or ski teaching. Your ski learning will very rapidly improve. You can ski better than you do, and you will, even in one week.

Bob & John specialise in helping ordinary recreational skiers of any level above complete beginner, and in tutoring ski instructors, so you can be confident of their high level of expertise and success.

You'll also find the difference between ski coaching and "ski instructing" or "ski school", and how you will make more rapid and more permanent progress. Our skiing courses are open to all levels of skier above complete beginner. Age is immaterial, gender is immaterial.

All we ask is that you really want to improve. We take both recreational skiers and instructors to all the European skiing countries, and to North America.

Bobski group enjoying ski instruction below Mont Blanc

Accelerated Ski Learning™ (ASL™) gives you big advantages by using the most highly developed ski coaching methods, allied to accelerated ski learning systems, Sport Psychology, and Neuro Linquistic Programming.


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"I couldn't recommend your course highly enough! I can honestly say that I couldn't have enjoyed a week more than I did. It was a super week in every way."
John Nolan, 2014

"I thought the week was fantastic on many counts - but especially Bob your brilliant coaching."
Richard Barwick, 2014

"I can't thank you enough as I think I have finally made a big breakthrough in conquering my fear of steeper slopes, was so pleased at how it all worked the 2nd time I went down the 'Minas' run."
Elspeth Drew, 2014

"Your coaching approach was what I expected and throughly appreciated ... I attach a picture of me 'getting it right'!".
Richard Smith, 2013

"Bob, you are fantastic! Your coaching is like a breath of fresh air in the miasma of traditional ski teaching".
Colin Weeks 2008

"Please don't stop coaching for at least 20 years".
Jane Lowe. 2009

"The thinking man's coach, that's what you are".
Dr. Julian Squires 2010

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Click here to see Dr. Lisa Silver'sarticle on the course she attended. The article is reproduced by kind permission of GP Life Magazine.