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Skiing for older people. How to change your beliefs

Skiing for older people assumes you don’t want to improve.  They offer you ‘guided tours’ rather than coaching.  I think that’s wrong.  I think older folk want to get better just like younger ones.  There’s more here

Skiing for older people

Still getting better !

Most skiers “plateau” – they stop getting better at it.  I don’t think this is because they want to plateau.  My experience as a coach is that at least a percentage of skiers would love to ski better, no matter what their age is.  But there are so few routes to its achievement.

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Ski lessons for nervous skiers – see more!

Ski lessons for nervous skiers are about to get a boost!

Ski lessons for nervous skiers building up to high level performance

Ski in Control – it’s dynamic !

Picture from cover of “Ski In Control” by Bob Trueman

Clearly this skier isn’t a nervous skier, but she was once.  You can see how skiing is a dynamic activity, and one in which one is never quite “in balance”.  In the same way we’re not “in-balance” when we ride a bike, skip across some stepping stones,  or negotiate a steep path.

If you are a skier looking for ski lessons for nervous skiers, this isn’t where we start.  Rebecca above is doing things now by instinct – she hasn’t time to think about it.  And that is because she started off concentrating on one tiny movement at a time, and slowly building her own skiing edifice.

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To achieve your skiing goals

To achieve your skiing goals you first need to understand something about goals.  There are many types of goal, and some serve you better than others.  They are not all achieved in the most direct way!

Choose the route to your skiing goals carefully !

Have clear goals in mind, it indisputably really works.  In a study, 12,000 people at the age of 17-18 rated “being well off financially” on a four point scale.  Nineteen years later each point on this four-point scale was associated with a $14,000 increment in salary.

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