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How to handle skiing anxiety

How to handle skiing anxiety is simple, but requires discipline

Of liberty-bodices and learning

Ski intruction about anxiety handling skiing anxiety

Don’t bite-off more than you can chew!

A woman emailed me over the weekend, about skiing off-piste and such. It set me to thinking, as I chain-sawed my way through a recently fallen oak, preparing fuel wood for the year after next, and prior to sewing myself into my liberty-bodice for the winter.

The import of her missive – she will not be named for she may even yet not choose to risk a week with your writer – was that she has not been getting from her skiing that to which she feels entitled. She may well be right.

And what is it, you may ask, to which she is entitled? Enjoyment and a feeling of self-fulfilment, that’s what. And what is denying her that? A lack of progress at the kind of skiing she aspires to.

My enquirer reports that she is not making progress, and here’s the rub; this is despite the fact that she has been skiing with much better skiers than herself.  Some of them are instructors or aspirant instructors, and keep taking her off-piste, to places in which she feels uncomfortable.  The idea is that she will have plenty of opportunity to get good at it.

Those who know me, will be un-surprised that I sit here casting my hands into the air and being grumpy.
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Control your skiing anxiety

Control your skiing anxiety – learn from a champion.

“All you can do, Kate, is to be your best and let the results take care of themselves. Be your best, not necessarily the world’s best. It’s just another race, another start hut – and me”:   Kate Pace. World downhill ski champion.

Skiing anxiety control

We all feel some – we don’t all control it

Anxiety inhibits skiing development for almost every skier in the world, not matter what their standard.

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