Best Mental State for skiing

It is extremely difficult to do anything requiring skill if either you don’t believe that you are capable of it, or if your mental state at the time is not conducive.  This particularly applies to skiing. First you have to believe it’s possible for you.


This is of particular interest to us skiers, because we are frequently challenged by the circumstances we have gone out looking for, in such a way that our mental equilibrium is disturbed by apprehension or even fear.

To be a controlled skier, or skiing in control in times of perceived extreme challenge, what we need first is control of our minds. We need the best mental state. Click here for pdf  Get the best mental state

Now, the key point about that “white paper” of mine, is that skiing in control cannot come until we have mind control.  And it is extremely unlikely that this will come if  we are unprepared.

When the crunch comes, it is too late to start practicing how to control our minds.  We MUST learn how to do this, and practice it, long before we ever get there.  And the good news is that it can be done.  The even better news is that it is not really very difficult – you just have to choose to do it.

It takes discipline of course, and practice, and “stickability”, but it’s a choice we can make, and the time will come when we will be glad we did, or fervently wish we had.

None of these mental techniques work on their own of course, they can only work within the context of our technical skiing ability, but one thing is absolutely certain, and that is that the expression of whatever level of skiing ability you possess, is very capable indeed of being limited and constrained, by a lack of ability to get your Best Mental State.


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