How sharp do you need your ski edges?

Ski instruction - get them on their edges

Is this the ultimate ski design?

Skis’ edge sharpness is the only mention ski edges get on Bobski skiing courses!

Skiing courses with start right now, at home. And ski edges are only one of the happy things we can start thinking about now it’s September!

Like so much about skiing the subject is full of baloney.  There is a prevalent school of thought that you need them ultra sharp all the time.  You don’t. 

It’s very seldom you will be on a surface so hard you need your ski edges razor sharp.  When you are it will probably be by mistake and you will wish you were elsewhere.  You will also probably find that your best bet will be to make absolutely no movements at all until you are back off it.

Ski racers need extremely sharp edges because they ski on an ice surface.  We ski on snow surfaces.  They allow your ski’s edge to sink in – you don’t need them really sharp.  Indeed, having them too sharp can cause you a lot of problems.

Where should they be sharp ?

Ski Tips

Is this the most important part of your ski ?

Be choosy when you get your skis serviced.  Once upon a time ski service mechanics did it by hand. Carefully.  Many ski shops nowadays just put them through a machine.  Certainly gets them sharp but in some less-caring ski shops that is all they get.

No matter your skis are yours or are hired – check them carefully before you leave the shop.  The ski edges should be dressed only to within approximately 20 cms of each end.  You do not want to have them sharp at their tips or their tails.

Sharpen them right up to their tips and tails and you will find them all-but impossible to ski.  Your experience is likely to be very unpleasant.  Your skis will “grab” and “catch”.  They will be very hard to control, and will be very unwilling to make pleasant controlled changes of direction.

Take them back, or find the nearest piece of stone and with it file down the edges, both sides of both skis, from the tip and the tail about 20 cms or 8 inches.  Sounds rough but it will really work.


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