Ski training weather

Ski training weather comes in lots of different kinds.

Great ski training weather!

This morning the sun is out, and the temperature is rising.  A few days ago it was pouring down – my hydro electric system is simply whizzing!  Yippee!

So last week was a better opportunity for ski training than today.  No snow, no frost, and so much rain there was no temptation to step outside.  Perfect Ski training weather!

Ski training needn’t be hard work.

To improve your skiing you don’t need frost, you don’t need snow ( or plastic ) and you don’t need a ski resort.  All you need is your bedroom mirror.

Using a mirror to improve you skiing posture.

Do just three a week of my ten-minute sessions with your full length mirror and you’ll transform your skiing next season

There’s an article here from an earlier post.

Ski training weather is in fact any weather.  On our skiing holidays we always hope for perfect snow to fall overnight, and beautiful weather to happen during the day.  But if you really want to be an expert skier, you need to follow Aristotle’s dictum.

This Aristotle quote exemplifies the need to habituate behaviours

Aristotle as a skiing coach

The point that I repeatedly make is that humans get good at what we DO.  Not what we think, not what believe, not what someone wants us to do – only at what we DO.  It therefore follows that we need to ensure that we actually do is the best thing to do.

So – ski training weather is any weather at any time so long as you can practise.  Almost everyone I have taught had difficulty getting started on this, and everyone who did later said how much difference it made for them.

Your skiing posture is the most fundamental, of the fundamentals.

The most fundamental of all the skiing fundamentals is your posture – I’ve discussed it at length in chapter 18 my book Ski In Control, for all ages

Every aspect of making a first rate skiing posture become natural for you, can be practised in front of your mirror.

So next time it rains – or even if it doesn’t – why not decide that it is ski training weather?  Because you could choose to spend a little time following Aristotle’s excellent ski coaching advice?  You never thought of him as a skiing coach did you?

As always, do make a contribution to the discussion, if it pleases you, and if you bought the book I’d love your feedback on Amazon.

And of course, all of this applies equally to both men and women skiers.  And consequently to both young and ancient skiers (of whom I am one!)

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