Skiing performance review

For some the idea that a  skiing performance review would have anything to do with recreational skiing might seem a bit odd, but I don’t believe that.  Most of us would like to come home after our skiing a bit better skiers than we were when we set off.

Confidence! That's what you need.

Confidence! That’s what you need.

It’s terribly easy to succumb to negative thoughts about our skiing; it often only takes a small fall, or a getting a bit scared, or even just thinking the last 100 yards “should” have been better.  We also know that our thoughts drive our subsequent behaviours into either virtuous or disastrous circular feed-back loops.

So any tool we could use to help us control our skiing minds would be a good thing.  I know of one, that really works.

The trick is to do something that will change the direction our mind is going in.  We want to stop allowing a negative thought to affect our next action.  If it does, then the action will likely be done less well;  the outcome will be less good, and the result will be a confirmation to us that our negative thought was right all along.  Before you know where you are you’re falling about all over the place telling everyone you knew you were no good all along.

I know this happens because I used to do it a lot and now only do it a bit!  The change in me started when I chose to trust in a simple and powerful tool called the Performance Review.

This is it, and I heartily recommend you take it with you in your skiing “tool bag” and learn to use it.  It really works.  Click here, on “My Performance Review”.

My Performance Review

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