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Here's how our courses work:

Cast in stone? No. The courses indicated for 2012/13 below are proposals. I need a certain level of bookings in order to run them, or it costs me money I can't afford. Doesn't have to be a lot though, my needs are modest!


The maximum number of folk on the week is about eight. Limiting any learning group to five or less, leads to much better progress. So,there may be either one, or two three-hour skiing sessions in the day.

In this way it's possible to enjoy either on- or off-piste skiing, and to accommodate different levels of ability during the same week. You get virtually personal tuition, and have time to build on what you have learned in your own time.
Group dynamics make this more effective believe it or not, than one-to-one coaching which for many is too intense.

In the evenings you can get short seminars on ski performance, sport psychology, and other related issues. And/or go to the bar!

A note about pricing: I have had to raise my fee by a little less than £7 a day to offset rising costs - shouldn't break the bank, at least not yours.

I mention elsewhere on my site what I do and do not offer you, but here's another way of looking at it.

Coaching is wholly different to ski "instruction". It is not like ski school. It doesn't present me as Mr.Wonderful whom you should copy, by watching. Instead, coaching enables you and me to search for, and develop a PROCESS for YOU to use to take your skiing where you want it to go.
If you could learn by watching, I could play the flute.

So I won't be saying "You should go down there" or "You ought to be doing x/y/z". But I may say something like, "If this aspect of your skiing were better, how for you, would it be different?"

I cannot and do not promise to keep you safe - skiing isn't entirely safe - that's up to you, and I won't be telling you where you should or should not be skiing. Any time you want to know ANYTHING that I know, just ask, that's what I'm here for. You are unwise to let ANYBODY make key safety decisions for you.

I've only upset two folk out of all the hundreds I've coached, so I hope you'll enjoy it. Any question at all, about any aspect of my courses, or any aspect of your skiing will be welcomed and I'll do my utmost to be absolutely transparent for you, and honest.

Bob Trueman.