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Chamonix is an experience you should add to your "Bucket List". These course are suitable for ski levels 2 - 6/7 (click on "check your ski level", on the left of our web pages). There'll be a course in the morning and another in the afternoon, to suit the skill levels of the group. These can be anything from blues to reds/easy blacks, to full off-piste days, or the Vallee Blanche. It all depends on the skill of, and choices of the group. Just call Bob on 01938 810430 to discuss or email him.

Don't believe folk who say Chamonix is only for the hard men, there is far more skiing for intermediates than you can get through in a week. Les Houches is so popular with my pupils that this year I may well opt to stay in a hotel there instead of Chamonix Centre.

Chamonix Valley is outstanding. Wide open blues and reds at Le Tour. Gentle blues amongst the trees at Les Houches - (which for many of my clients is the favourite area); Les Houches has got PLENTY enough challenging stuff as well, when you're ready.
Sunshine skiing at La Flegere.
More bumps at Argentiere than your skin after a dip in the North Atlantic. The Grand Montet lift here gives access to some exciting and quite difficult off-piste guided routes.

On top of that, if you really want off-piste, this is the world's capital with well-documented absolutely classic back-country routes, couloirs etc.

OR, how do you fancy the Vallee Blanche? 22 kms of back-country glacier skiing that is well within the compass a half-reasonably fit intermediate skier. For some members this has been the pinnacle of their skiing lives.

My courses fit YOUR needs. The coaching process applies to everything we do and for ALL levels of ability. Maximum learning group size is six people, often less.

Coaching, not instructing makes a huge difference. The two are like chalk and cheese. A good analogy would be to think of the relationship of Roger Federer to his tennis coach, or Paula Radcliffe to her running coach. There would be little point either coach trying to "demonstrate" and do it better than they do. The coaches cannot be as good as their pupils at doing it; our job is to help YOU to improve your performance by being further along the road of understanding it and teaching it.

That's why our members make such rapid transformations in what they do. (Take a look at the feedback letters from clients on

Using a proper and thorough coaching instead of an instruction or ski school approach, gives you maximum personal attention to YOUR skiing needs. Look elsewhere on the site for more details of our coaching and our courses.

Your coach will give a mental techniques course lasting up to an hour each time, over three or four evenings, before dinner - but only if you want! Optional of course, not compulsory, but by enhancing your understanding you'll see why our members think so highly of them.

These short presentations introduce you to the techniques of world champions. Your rate of on-slope progress is accelerated by them. (Last season my pupils opted-out of them and preferred drinking beer in the bars. I was flabbergasted!)

Chamonix is the world Mecca of mountaineering, and while it is now, admittedly, a town not a village, it has an atmosphere you don't get anywhere else in the world.

If you are up for it and good enough we can ski with one of France's top "Guides des Hautes Montagnes", and we'll get into the back country, or into the couloirs.Any skiing done off-piste may in any case require a guide, depending on conditions, routes, and the make-up of the group. Guide costs are extra.

If not, we can stick to the tree-lined gentle pistes of Les Houches, or the sunny slopes of La Flegere, and you will still enjoy that "Chamonix frisson".

CAREFUL NOTE - if you decide to ski off piste, and if I agree to go with you, you must be aware than I am NOT a guide and cannot promise to keep you safe. Keeping safe is up to you. All I do is help you to improve your skiing.

THE HOTEL WE (normally)USE in Chamonix Centre:

It's cheap, 2-Star and B&B. Quite quirky and everyone loves it. It's located bang in the centre, by the bus stops. If we mostly wanted to use Les Houches though, then a hotel there would be preferable.

You can get to Geneva for next to nothing on EasyJet. Link to Chamonix for about £20 each way in an hour and a quarter with "Alpybus", so give us a call, SOON.

The only down side to Chamonix is it's sheer scope. We travel in resort by free bus. Le Tour takes about 25 minutes and Les Houches about the same in the other direction. There's no way round this.