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A course specifically designed to enable you to develop your skill in YOUR chosen terrain type - on or off piste; blues-to-blacks; smooth or bumpy; shallow or steep; slow or fast. You choose.

The popularity of my courses in Baqueira now necessitates two consecutive weeks. This is the second.

Throw out your prejudices. Baqueira is the highest class resort in Spain. The King has a place here. Superlative pisting, equally superlative terrain options, and excellent lift systems.

The link is about 2 hours from Toulouse Airport. Not a single pupil who has been on a Baqueira-located course has ever had a complaint about Baqueira. (Even the complaints about ME have been muffled!) It is, quite simply, all round, the best resort I know, and I know quite a few.

The only year in the last 28 (can it be so long?) that I've lost any skiing time here, was when we once had too much snow for two days. If the weather is against us they have more snow canons per square foot than you can imagine.

What's more - if we ever get in a lift queue for more than 5 minutes, I'll eat my hat! You'll never come across a better-run,less crowded resort in your life. And the 3-star hotel I go to, is so good that returning pupils have eschewed the 5-star one they used to use, in favour of this one. One reason is that the lift is directly across the road!

If you want to spend a week, thoroughly enjoying yourself, in good company, and at the same time giving yourself your best chance of improving your skiing, on piste or off, then a Bobski/BISCC course in Baqueira is your single best option.